Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal’s agent faces defamation of Rs100 Chlore

Deputy Prime Minister Delhi Manish Sisodia faces a rupee 100 civil defamation case by Assam’s wife, Linikibuyan Sharma, of Assam’s Himantabiswasalma.

Earlier this month, Mr. Sisodia claimed that Prime Minister Himanta Salma had signed a contract for a Covid Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit with a company associated with his wife and paid a significant price for the gear.

“My client, Riniki Bhuyan Sarma, has submitted a FIR. Manish Sisodia has issued a political statement and dragged my client’s name. Riniki Bhuyan has not submitted a bid for the process. She has not submitted a bid for the CSR activity. I submitted the PPE kit as a donation below, “P Nayak said. A lawyer representing Mr. Salma.

This issue will be listed on the Gauhati High Court tomorrow.

“Himanta Biswa Salma signed a contract with his wife’s company. He paid 990 rupees for the PPE kit and bought the other kits from another company for 600 rupees on the same day. This is a big crime,” said Sisodia. Said. He had a document to prove it.