Arunachal, the top police officer in the four districts of Assam, attends the Peace Initiative Conference

Arunachal, the top police officer in the four districts of Assam, attends the Peace Initiative Conference

DIGBOI: A groundbreaking development centered around strengthening existing bonomy and goodwill between Assam and Arunachal, where Tinsukia Police Chief and nearby Lohit in the Namsai, Changlang and Arunachal districts are here on Friday morning. Attended the Peace Initiative Conference held. Margherita block office conference hall.

The conference is hosted by the Interstate Peace Coordination Commission, chaired by Tinsukia SP Debajit Deori, and Changlan SPs Mihin Gambo, SP Namsai Dr. DW Thongon, and Lohit DSPs Sangee Thinley, Pranab Kumar Pegu, ASP (security and Int), Lod Tari, OC Special Branch Namsai, and Hemanta Kumar Boro, SDP Margherita explore different ways to enrich homes, discuss in detail, and strengthen existing interstate bonds. To achieve the common purpose that decorated the important episode, check for any physical boundaries or other minor differences between these adjacent districts.

The Interstate Peace Coordination Commission was formed in early 2018 at the office of SP Tinsukia during a meeting chaired by then-SP Mugdha Jyoti Mahanta. The conference was attended by several like-minded people from the interstate districts. Under the Assam Police Peace Initiative. With mutual support and understanding, the family has decided to unanimously work for the common good that strengthens the bond between the two countries.

The cross-border blessings of the top police officers by and in the traditional spirit of the members were noteworthy, which meant goodwill and gratitude to each other.

Meanwhile, Commission coordinator Luxman Sharma emphasized to the home the mode of function and outcome of the peace group over a period of time. The Commission is most actively working on cross-border social media platform features in collaboration with the respective police stations in the Assam-Arunachal district, ensuring that no one is discriminated against by state or difference, and the need. And therefore build a sense of goodwill, trust, and security.

While praising the efforts and initiatives of the Peace Commission, SP Changlan actively promoted the ways and means by which both the Assam and Arunachal governments promote peace and bonomy between nations, and the role and function of the Commission. When inventing, the grassroots level retains its relevance. He urged the Commission to extend its function, reach out to people throughout the state, and sensitize them to work together to promote heartfelt relationships between people.