APHLC president misleading people with false narratives: BJP

APHLC President misleading People with False Narratives: BJP

At the meeting, Johny Timung was a member of Autonomous Council. Dr. Mongve Rongpi and Avijit Kro were also present. Longsing Tokbi was general secretary for BJP-ST Morcha Assam Pradesh, while influential leaders such as Simeon Rongphar, Mohon Tisso and Sarthe Kramsa attended.

Avijit Kro, Member of Autonomous Council, stated to media that J I Kathar must refrain from spreading negative and false information about Karbi Autonomous Council’s growth and expansion.

According to him, the council authority had organized for the correct repositioning in an appropriate place of the Rongpharpi Rongbe statue. Longsing Tokbi (Assam Pradesh ST–Morcha secretary) clarified the fact that the chief minister had paid for the flyover cost through his special package. Longsing Tokbi condemned the APHLC leader’s attitude.

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