Another cattle smuggler's property attached by Dhubri police

Dhubri police have attached another property belonging to a cattle smuggler

Dhubri Police officially closed the property attachment process of Samsul Hoque (alias Gabbar Singh), a cattle smuggler. As per Assam Cattle Preservation Act 20,21, the attachment of property was carried out. It was worth Rs. It was made up of both movable as well as immovable property. The sum total was Rs. You can find land in five places, as well as cash amounts in the two bank account.

An earlier property attachment was made by police to Nazrul Haque (a cattle smuggler), under the Act’s same provisions. Then, immovable and movable property in the amount of Rs. 66 lakhs was also attached.

Bidyut Bikas Boriya Bhuyan, Additional Superintendent for Police said to media that the police would intensify their efforts to combat cattle smuggling, as well as property attachement of trans-border cattle traffickers, in the days ahead.

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