Andorra's Red Alert When Cyclone Asani Changes Track

Andorra’s Red Alert When Cyclone Asani Changes Track

Cyclone Asani will turn around and touch the nearby Kakinada coast, and Sunanda, director of the Bishakapatnam Cyclone Alert Center, will return to the sea between Kakinada and Bishakapatnam after touching the Kakinada coast. Added.

“A cyclone warning and a red warning were issued to Andhra Pradesh. Until yesterday, the track was pointing northwest, but in the last 6 hours it is heading west-northwest. Therefore, it is to our Andhra Pradesh. It’s very close. The coast. “

She had previously predicted that India Meteorological Department (IMD) officials would turn around in the Bay of Bengal, but unexpectedly added that the cyclone would reach and contact the Kakinada coast.

“In the next few hours, we will move northwest and closer to the Andhra Pradesh coast. Tomorrow morning, we will change direction and move northeast to reach the Kakinada coast (eastern Godabari coast). Then move in parallel. The northeastern Bishakapatnam coast. “

Officials further said that due to the impact of the cyclone, IMD gave danger signal number 10 to the ports of Kakinada, Ganagabaram and Bimnipatan. It also issued a red warning to the Andhra Pradesh district, including Visakapatnam, East Goda Bali, West Goda Bali, Krishna and Guntur, regarding heavy windy rains.