Andhra Pradesh Home Minister Under Fire For Controversial Remarks On Rape

Andhra Pradesh’s Interior Minister accuses controversial remarks about rape

The newly appointed Andhra Pradesh Interior Minister, Andhra Pradesh, has controversial her comments on the recent rape case in the state. She said a mass rape of 25-year-old pregnant women at Repalle Station on May 1 was not intended, but happened in an unexpected situation. Earlier, she said her mother was responsible for the safety of her child in the context of sexual assault on Vizag minors.

She accused the “psychological situation” and poverty of the rape case and even claimed that the defendant did not intend to rape. It happened “unexpectedly” because the man got drunk and attacked with the intention of robbing the survivor’s husband, but she intervened, and the rape happened “unexpectedly”. “These things happen,” she said.

“The woman tried to stop the attack on her husband, but something unexpected happened,” she said, adding that she cannot blame the lack of sufficient railroad police. She said more CCTV cameras would be installed at the station.

The opposition Telugu Desam has accused the Minister of Interior and called her remarks irresponsible.