Citizenship Law A "BJP's Jumla": Mamata Banargy's nephew hits out

Amit Shah: Nephew of Mamata Banerjee, Silent About Assam’s Citizenship Law

Amit Shah, Secretary-General of the All-Indian Grassroots Conference, said Wednesday that Interior Minister Amit Shah remained silent on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register (NRC) during his two-day visit to Assam. , Announced plans to implement CAA. In West Bengal.

He claimed that the CAA was “used” by BJP leaders as a stick carrot. “CAA is a political tool and we shouldn’t fall into this trap,” Banerjee said in a speech at a public event here.

TMC Secretary-General said the Interior Minister had changed in the CAA in West Bengal and Assam.

“This is evidence of the kind of politics that the BJP-led government is doing. They use this issue as’Jumla’. The Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed by Lok Sabha in 2019, forcing it to become a CAA within a month. It usually takes three to four months to develop the rules of the new law, but more than two and a half years have passed and the center has asked for six extensions, but still cannot create the rules of the CAA. “The TMC leader said.

He also said his party continued to oppose the CAA and called it a “strict bill.”

“We oppose this strict bill. In West Bengal, Amit Shah said the CAA would take place after the COVID-19 pandemic was subdued. In Assam, he was a mother on this issue. In Assam, the NRC list was created at a cost of 1600 chlores, the NRC list was about 19 easy, and people were excluded. List, “he added.