"Amit Shah kept his words ...": Uddhav Thacke on the new government

"Amit Shah kept his words …": Uddhav Thacke on the new government

The day after his successor became Prime Minister of Maharashtra, Uddhav Thacke briefly reunited with his rival BJP. “If Amit Shah kept his promise to me, Maharashtra would have had a BJP Prime Minister by now.”

Mr. Thackeray’s invoice, issued at the first media briefing after resigning on Facebook two nights ago, shows the same allegations made by other politicians and critics-BJP is an outsider. If you’re willing to abandon the Prime Minister’s post because of that, why not just 2019?

That was when Mr. Thackeray ended his 30-year alliance with the BJP for his party, Shiv Sena, after winning the state elections. Mr. Thackeray said in negotiations with Amit Shah prior to the election that Senna and BP had been promised to time-divide the prime minister’s term. This is known as the “replacement prime minister.” The BJP has shown that it does not make such a guarantee. In any case, in the election, it was a much bigger voter, which meant it would call the dive to a heavier post.

Later, Mr. Thackeray was hired by Sharad Powerle into a new alliance. Together, they were bigger than any other combination-and so Mr. Thackeray became prime minister.

The new company maintained by Mr. Thackeray meant that Senna’s traditional offensive Hindutva was undermining, Enato Sinde said last week in a rebellion that destroyed Mr. Thackeray’s government. I said when I started. He was originally backed by 20 MLAs. In less than a week, the number has doubled. Mr. Cinde’s exercises were so comprehensive that even Mr. Thackeray’s aides were dispatched early to convince them to return to rebels and converted to Camp Cinde.