Amit Shah, host of Surave Gangley, has a supper

Amit Shah, host of Surave Gangley, has a supper

Interior Minister Amit Shah, visiting Kolkata, had dinner tonight at the home of Indian cricket chairman Sourav Ganguly. Jay Shah, the son of the Federal Minister, was said to be a courtesy visit because he is a colleague of a former cricket player as Honorary Secretary of the Indian Cricket Commission (BCCI).

The Interior Minister arrived at Mr. Gangley’s house in a white SUV surrounded by bodyguards. A crowd gathered on a narrow street outside and sat in front of them to see Amit Shah greet people with a Namaste gesture.

Later, Mr. Shah was seen at the dining table where Mr. Gangley and his family were having dinner.

Gangley, 49, told reporters that nothing political should be read at the supper. He has known Amit Shah for over a decade and said he had met several times.

“… I have a lot of discussions. I’ve known him since 2008. We met when I was playing, but not as much as I was on tour.” Ganguly told reporters earlier today. “I work with his son. It’s an old association,” he added.