Americans Have Right To Carry Guns In Public: US Supreme Court

Americans have the right to carry guns in public: US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that Americans have the basic right to carry pistols in public. This is a groundbreaking decision that has widespread impact on states and cities across the country suffering from a surge in gun violence.

The 6-3 decision requires a person to prove that there is a legitimate need for self-defense, or a “just cause”, in order to receive permission to carry a pistol out of the house, more than 100 years ago. Invalidates New York law.

There are similar laws in several other states, including California, and court rulings will limit people’s ability to restrict possession of guns in public.

Democratic President Joe Biden condemned the decision, saying, “It is inconsistent with both common sense and the Constitution and should bother us all deeply.”

“We must do more as a society to protect our fellow Americans,” Biden said. “I call on Americans across the country to hear their voice about gun safety.”