Amarinder Singh Set To Join BJP, Merge Party 8 Months After Congress Exit

Amarinder Singh joins BJP and merges party eight months after parliament ends

Amarinder Singh, who left Congress last year, is likely to join the BJP soon, sources said today.

The 89-year-old former Prime Minister has had back surgery in London. He is likely to merge his Punjab Rock Parliamentary Party with the BJP after returning home next week.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with Amarinder Singh after the surgery on Sunday.

Amarinder Singh, or “Captain,” has resigned from his party, Parliament, for 50 years after taking office as Prime Minister last year.

In a letter to party leader Sonia Gandhi, Shin said he had been humiliated three times by his leadership and could no longer accept it. The 89-year-old also warned that he still had politics, and that he wasn’t trying to walk towards his sunset.