All parties meet airport bats at DoluTE

All parties meet airport bats at DoluTE

Silchar: The all-party convention, held at the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary’s conference hall on Sunday, unanimously advocated the establishment of Greenfield Airport in Dollar TE. However, the interests of the workers have been secured by the government at all costs, with the addition of all representatives of various political parties and some of the major citizens.

Dr. Rajdeep Roy, MP of Sirchar, who presided over the conference, said MoU, signed by the government and tea plantation authorities in the presence of all three unions, has various provisions that guarantee the interests of two Mainagarh and Lalbagh workers. Said there was. DoluTE division. Airport officials conducted an investigation and found that the terrain at the proposed location of the dollar was accurate for the proposed airport, he added. According to Roy, the land transfer was already complete and the acquisition process had to begin. However, “unrecognized” unions such as the Asom Majuri Shramik Union suddenly emerged, disrupting the launch of the project. Dr. Roy, who later spoke to the media, accused the recent labor dispute of being fueled by a group of Mao Zedong factions. But he said with confidence, the airport will definitely be set up in dollars.

The meeting was attended by representatives of political parties such as the BJP, Parliament, AUDF, CPM and TMC. Two parliamentary MLAs, the Misbahul Islam Laskar district and the Khalil Ahmed Majumdar district, were also present.

Meanwhile, Karimganj MLA Kamalaka Daple Kayasta wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday requesting that the proposed airport be located in an easily accessible location in all three districts of the Barak Valley, not the dollar.

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