All Assam Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries end in Tezpur

All Assam Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries end in Tezpur

Tezpur: The two-day All-Assam Deputy Secretary’s Meeting was attended on Monday at the Tezpur Convention Center in Batamari under the Tezpur Police Station in the Sonitopur district, attended by DCs from all districts, including committee members, secretaries, secretaries and senior officials. It was finished. Assam.

The meeting discussed the implementation of various schemes to create a state development roadmap. This is the second DC meeting chaired by Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma and was first held in Dip in August 2021.

In discussions with the media, Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma said that the development plans of each sector and important issues and issues related to health and education, agriculture and tourism in the various districts of Assam were properly discussed. ..

“I blame parliamentary leader Rahul Gandhi for protests with hundreds of workers and party leaders in Delhi. Today, the executive office summons Rahul Gandhi in connection with the National Herald case. The Delhi High Court recognized financial irregularities. In the profit sharing of the National Herald Newspaper, it instructed the ED to investigate the problem. Rahul Gandhi as a leader should cooperate with law enforcement agencies. Instead, he tried to threaten law enforcement agencies by protesting party members, but as a law to protect ED citizens, Rahul Gandhi should have allowed him to take his own path. By creating such a drama, Rahul Gandhi sought to distract the courts and law enforcement agencies. ”

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