Air India-SATS Organizes Recruitment Activities in Bodoland Region

Air India-SATS Organizes Recruitment Activities in Bodoland Region

KOKRAJHAR: Air India-SATS Airport Services Ltd. successfully completed a youth recruitment drive from five districts of the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR): Kokrajhar, Chirang, Baksa, Tamulpur and Udalguri on Thursday at CIT Kokrajhar. bottom.

Panjaj Jaiswal, CFO of AI-SATS, said to more than 300 young applicants: assistant. “He said this measure was taken because AI-SATS felt the need to hire talented young people from northeastern India, and in such an organization by Pramod Boro of the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) CEM. Requests and support have been expanded, while events.

Earlier, during the Career Counseling and AI-SATS Pre-Recruitment Orientation Program held at four BTR centers on April 25, Pramodboro said: Thanks to Jaiswalji and his AI-SATS team for agreeing to recruit in remote areas like us. Apart from AI-SATS, he added, there will be more jobs in different ways and institutions in the coming days.

The BTC Government is in the process of developing the capacity of young people through the Innovative Bodland Super 50 Mission for Technical and Medical Research Applicants, and the Indian Civil Service, specializing in BTR students coming from poor economic backgrounds. Coaching and support. Again, the BTC government has negotiated with various recruiting companies and institutions to carry out special youth recruitment in the region with the aim of providing safe employment and income to unemployed youth. I am. These preparations prepare the Assam government to hire young people under special recruitment activities to fill vacancies in various departments and offices to fulfill its mission to hire young people of Rs 10,000 within 2022. It was also helpful to do.

Career counseling and pre-employment orientation programs were implemented in stages in all BTR districts. In addition, Tamarpur University (Baksa), United Nations University (Tiran), CIT (Cokrajar), Udalgri University (Udalgri), IT Park, Cokrajar to reach out to all young people in the region.

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