AIDSO adheres to "Save Government Education Day" throughout Assam

AIDSO adheres to “Save Government Education Day” throughout Assam

LAKHIMPUR: “Save Government Education Day” observed Wednesday by the Assam State Commission of the State-wide All Indian Democratic Student Organization (AIDSO) to strengthen the process of commercialization of education through the implementation of National Education Policy 2020 it was done. Destruction of the state-wide public education system.

In this regard, students gathered and protested in various parts of the state, including Gwahati, Silchar, Mangardai, Nalbari, Karimganj, Tezpur, Nagaon, Dhubri, Goalpara, North Rakinpur and Majuri, said AIDSO’s vice president. Parab Peg said. , Assam State Commission, at a press conference.

At 11:30 am observing the day, protesting students gathered in front of Cotton University in Guwahati to register a protest against the ongoing process of destruction of the public education system by implementing National Education Policy-2020. Did. In order not to deprive students of poor background from educational opportunities by destroying the public education system, we will improve the quality of public education by reintroducing the pass / fail system from class 1, appoint sufficient teachers, and public education. Appropriate measures to make arrangements to protect the system, improve public education infrastructure, and stop hiring teachers for non-academic work.

Prajjwal Deb, President of AIDSO, who participated in the protest program, said: Legalized detention ban policy. In addition, recruitment of teachers was not emphasized. The BJP government has since implemented the same policy. Education remains seriously disrupted due to the lack of suitable teachers in many schools in the state. In addition, the current BJP government has implemented a national education policy for 2020, delegating education responsibility to untrained workers at the Angan Wadi Center from pre-primary to class II. Apart from this, through the process of school closure and merger, they destroy the rest of the structure of public education. As a result of the strict implementation of privatization policies, education deteriorated considerably when the public quality prime minister served as minister of education for 15 years. Now, as Prime Minister, he is determined to implement the 2020 National Education Policy for the benefit of the capitalist class. The main responsibility for maintaining the quality of education lies with the government. ”

“If the public education system is destroyed, students in poor families will not only be deprived of their education, but will be crippled in every way,” he added. He called on students and people to protect the public education system by building long-standing students and mass movements against them.

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