CCTV Shows Maharashtra Killers, Anti-Terror Probe Ordered After Udaipur

After Udaipur, Amit Shah orders counter-terrorism investigation in Maharashtra murder

Federal Interior Minister Amit Shah was torn a week ago by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as tensions over killing a tailor in Udaipur, Rajasthan, for a social media post about the Prophet Mohammad. In Maharastra, who requested an investigation into the killing of a chemist.

Amravati’s local BJP forces claimed that the killing of 54-year-old Umesh Kolhe was related to the Udaipur incident being investigated by a central counterterrorism agency. More than two weeks after the murder, and after Amit Shah’s order, police confirmed the link and released CCTV footage of the incident. Six people have been arrested since last month.

“Umesh Kolhe’s killing is related to Nupur Sharma’s controversy. Police people think so. He admitted that the murderer had killed him in support of Nupur Sharma, but police are trying to hide it.” Said Tushar. Bhartiya, BJP leader in the Amravati district, said.

“This happened on the 21st [June].. If it was widely reported on the 22nd, [Udaipur tailor] Kanhaiya [Lal] Wouldn’t have been killed. That’s why the police are trying to hide it. If you catch the criminal and you don’t know the real reason, you need to transfer it. “

Maharashtra police counterterrorism forces and a team from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) are heading to Amravati to investigate the case, sources said.