After Deleting All Instagram Posts, Adnan Sami Shares Another One Titled

After Cleansing His Instagram, Adnan Sami Shares A Post Titled "Alvida"

Adnan Samir, a singer-composer, has shared an update on Monday. This clip is from the new album by Adnan Sami. Alvida, a song accompanying the video, is also included. Adnan Sami uploaded the video and captioned it with: “My Way of Saying Alvida.” Adnan Sami posted this second Instagram picture in less than one week. He had previously posted a blank post with Alvida on it. Adnan Sami was busy wondering if it was to promote his new album when he removed all of his Instagram posts. A few fans were even concerned enough to ask the singer the reasons he deleted his posts. As of right now, Adnan Sami has not deleted any posts from his Twitter page. Adnan Sami’s Instagram username now reads, “Adnan2.0.”

You can see Adnan Sami’s post here.

ICYMI: Here is his last-week post.