After Bhutan releases water, the flood situation in Bajari becomes serious

After Bhutan releases water, the flood situation in Bajali becomes serious

Floods have become more serious in Bhutan after Bhutan released water from the Crithu Dam. In Bajali, officials said Saturday that two people had died and two were missing, warning that the situation could worsen.

The water levels of the Cardia and Pahumara rivers are rising, many parts of the district are flooded, and the administration of the Bajali district works day and night to save people from the flood-affected areas.

They also warned people to come to a safe place after Bhutan released water. There has been no power for the last 5 days. Offices have been closed in the town of Pasara and the surrounding area.

Assam SDRF and NDRF have been summoned for rescue operations in various parts of the region. People have been moved to safer places.

On the other hand, the farmers who prepared the paddy seedlings for the subsequent cultivation spent a sleepless night because the paddy seedlings were also submerged in various parts of the area.

“The situation could be exacerbated.” Bhutan is releasing water from the Krithudam. The water in the Pahumara River is increasing. “People are increasing,” said Kakumani Saikia, correspondent at Bajali’s SDC. You should come to the hills. “