Actor Madhavan Says India Used Hindu Calendar To Launch Rocket To Mars, Twitter Users React

Actor Madhavan says India used the Hindu calendar to launch rockets on Mars

Actor R. Madhavan, who made his directorial debut in the movie “Rocket: Nambi Effect,” was criticized by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) for launching a PSLVC-25 rocket on Mars using a Hindu calendar to succeed on Mars in India. Is a mission.

The actor commented while promoting his recent directorial debut at the 75th Cannes Film Festival in May. Madvan commented in Tamil, translated by musician TM Krishna. The actor said, “Indian rockets did not have three engines (solid, liquid, and cryogenic) to help western rockets move into the orbit of Mars. Due to India’s shortage,’Panchangham’ I used the information from (Hindu calendar).

According to a user who translated Madhavan’s words, “Panchangam has a map of celestial bodies with all the information about different planets, the gravitational pull of the planets, the deflection of the flare of the sun, and more. The launch was calculated using this information in the calendar, as it was fully calculated a thousand years ago. “

“The 3 Idiots” actor added, “The rocket was launched and bounced around the Earth, the Moon, and the Moon of Jupiter into the orbit of Mars.” TM Krishna shared a link to ISRO’s Mars probe mission, saying, “It’s time to consider Mars Panchangham too!”

Many Twitter users responded to his comments by saying, “It was very disappointing to see a man who was once a Tamil romantic movie poster boy turn into WhatsApp’s uncle.”