Actor Jacqueline Fernandez's Rs 7 Crore Frozen Over Conman Links: Sources

Actor Jacqueline Fernandez’s Rs 7 Crore Frozen Over Conman Links: Sources

A 700 million rupee fixed deposit in the name of actor Jacqueline Fernandez was attached as part of an investigation into a 20 billion rupee money laundering case against fraudster Skesh Chandrashekar, sources said.

The executive office, which attached the deposit as part of the investigation, alleges that Chandra Shekar gave the actor a gift worth Rs 5.71 from 200 rupees allegedly coerced by the family of Sivin Darsin, the former owner of the imprisoned Ranbaxy. In the money laundering case in 2019.

The proceedings against Chandrasekhar were filed after Sibindersin’s wife, Aditishin, accused Chandrasekhar of receiving money from her after promising to arrange the release of her husband.

Central agencies have also discovered that Chandra Shekar has given a huge amount of money to the family of Hindi actors, according to sources.