Shots fired in the air from Ranka PM's residence when protesters broke the gate

According to the forensic report, Sri Lanka’s MP "Lynched"Rebutting the police version

Sri Lankan lawmakers who shot and killed rebels this week were later lynched by mobs. Forensic reports showed on Friday that they were inconsistent with police reports that he died of suicide.

Amarakeerthi Athukorala fires on people blocking the path of his car in the town of Nittambuwa on Monday after the country was attacked by violence when a gang of government supporters attacked peaceful protesters. bottom.

According to police, Atukorara shot herself in an attempt to evacuate to the building after being surrounded by about 5,000 people.

“The death of a member of parliament was due to multiple injuries, fractures and internal bleeding, but no gunshot wounds,” Lankadeepa quoted an autopsy report.

According to the report, Atukorara police bodyguards were killed in a shooting injury. Police were ordered to investigate and find out who fired.