AASU Jorhart District Committee Announces Road Blockage

AASU Jorhart District Committee Announces Road Blockage

Jorhat: The AASU Jorhat District Commission announced a road block at NH715 on May 31 in protest of the slow pace of the four lanes and potholes on the national highway from Ajanta Bypass to Janji.

Jorhart District Unit Chairman Sankarpa Gogoy and General Secretary Dip Dutta have been dismissed by several contractors due to road construction anomalies and a third contractor has won a contract, but progress is clear. He said it was NHIDCL’s responsibility. Oversee its construction.

AASU further petitioned the district administration and the Prime Minister in this regard, but said that all of their petition did not listen.

Sankalpa Gogoi said AASU was forced to stir the road blockade because of the unresponsiveness and the change from bad roads to sad roads.

In a memorandum sent to the Prime Minister through Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Jorhart, AASU recently urged him to intervene to speed up ongoing construction work at the snail’s pace.

The memorandum states that NH’s four-lane work is being carried out at a snail pace, plagued by cheating and irregularities, and has created many difficulties for commuters as they travel along highways in northern Assam. It was listed.