Aaranyak introduces the variety of local seeds

Aaranyak introduces the variety of local seeds

Aaranyak held a seed collection contest and exhibition at Karbi Anglong to bring together farmers and students from 27 villages in the Kohora and Defol river basins to promote conservation and awareness at the local level. A total of 87 participants participated. Aaranyak worked with the local community, the Assam Biodiversity Commission, and the Karbi Anglong Agricultural Department for this event.

At the exhibition, about 170 kinds of local seeds cultivated mainly in the hills and jum fields were exhibited wonderfully. At this event, about 20 kinds of rice, 18 kinds of beans, 7 kinds of oil seeds, 85 kinds of vegetables, 15 kinds of fruits, 2 kinds of millet, which play an important role in traditional eating habits, Five kinds of corn and corn were exhibited. Assam’s rib community system.

Aaranyak, the region’s premier research-based biodiversity conservation organization, has worked with the Karbi community to protect the region’s rich biodiversity through a multifaceted approach. The event ended with the announcement of the winners of the contest. Kambrahanse earned a total of 10,000 rupees for the peasant category, while Brataro and Margaret Terrampi received the Rs amount. The prizes are 8,000 and 5,000, respectively.

The winners of the senior student category were Harlongpi Tokbi, Sermir Phangchopi, and Rowel Teron. All three received large prizes. At the junior student level, Rinjuna Ronghangpi, Serlyn Tokbipi and Banaras Teran won the top three awards.

The event was initiated by Jatindra Sharma, Field Director of Kajiranga Tiger Reserve (KTR), Ramesh Kumar Gogoi, DFO of KTR, and Dhruvajyoti Nath, additional police director.

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