AAP to field contestants in Gaon Panchayat and Lok Sabha elections

AAP to field contestants in Gaon Panchayat and Lok Sabha elections

LAKHIMPUR: “All Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) are set to field participants in Assam’s next Gaon Panchayat election. Our party will run candidates for all seats in the state in the next Lok Sabha election. increase.”

This statement was made Friday by Bhaben Choudhury, President of AAP in Assam, in Lakinpur. He addressed a press conference at the North Lakhimpur Press Club with the attendance of Akash Sarmah, Treasurer of the AAP State Commission, Nabajyoti Chetia, Zone Organization Secretary, Rajiv Ahmed, Minority Molcha Coordinator, and other leaders. While making a statement.

In particular, after a landslide in the Punjab parliamentary elections, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), led by Arvind Keziwar, is trying to expand its footsteps nationwide. Currently, the party has launched a large membership campaign in almost every state to strengthen its organizational foundation.

“We continue this membership campaign throughout Assam. Our party aims to give members to Rs 100,000 during the state campaign. This campaign is May 31st. The people of Assam have begun to show an interest in the politics of our party .. We have received an unprecedented reaction from the people of the state. Our membership campaign is with their caste. Regardless of beliefs, religions and beliefs, it penetrates deep into rural areas among the general public, “Bhaben Choudhury added, speaking to media outlets.

The AAP aims to establish itself as a good opponent of the state’s BJP-led government after winning two seats in a recent city council election. The party won one seat in the North Lakinpool City Council and another in the Tinsukia City Council. Meanwhile, the party, which is second in the 25th district, won one seat in the Guwahati city elections.

Bhaben Choudhury described the city of Guwahati elections: “The people of Guwahati voted for our candidates beyond our expectations. We want to make a difference in the current politics of Assam and the country. I hope the people of the nation will be part of the revolution. ”