Assam Man Attacked With Machete, Set On Fire After He Allegedly Killed Girl

A woman raped by a Muslim occult in front of a minor son, rescue: police officer

According to police, the married woman was repeatedly raped by a Muslim occult for 79 days in front of her two-and-a-half-year-old son in the Barasole district of Orissa. Police rescued the woman and her child from the locked room on Friday, but the accused, identified as SK Talaf, managed to escape. Hunting has begun to arrest him.

In her police complaint, the survivor tells her husband and the person-in-law to stay in Talaf to resolve the marital discord between her and her-in-law. I said I forced it. She said the woman she married in 2017 had to be physically and mentally tortured by her wife-in-law for her dowry.

Tarafu promised his family that if the woman stayed with him for a few months, he would resolve the discord. When she refused, her mother-in-law was allegedly sedated, and when she woke up after her, she noticed that she was in an occult place with her son, news agency PTI said. I reported.

The occultist reportedly raped her in the room in front of her son for 79 days, the woman said in a police complaint, PTI reported.

On April 28, when she noticed that Taffer had left her cell phone in the room, she called her parents and talked about her horror. Immediately, they informed the police.