"Most Wanted" Rhinoceros poachers jump into the Brahmaputra River and escape Assam police

A rhino poacher was shot while fleeing police detention in Assam.Injured

A police officer said a poacher arrested for killing a rhino in a corner of Kaziranga National Park in Assam was shot dead and injured in an attempt to escape police detention in the Biswanat district.

Police director Biswanath Navin Singh said the accused was arrested on Saturday from the Julia area of ​​the adjacent Nagaon district.

During the cross-examination, the accused allegedly purchased a weapon from Dimapur, Nagaland to kill the rhino and remove its horns, and hid the weapon in the Swaguri district of the Biswanath district.

A police team took him there and regained them, but suddenly he attacked the policeman and tried to escape.

Police asked him to stop and fired a warning shot in the air, but he still didn’t stop, so he had to be shot in the foot, Shin said.

He was initially admitted to Biswanas Municipal Hospital, but was later transferred to Tezpur Medical College and Hospital.