Man Surprises Sister With Father

A man surprises his sister with a wax figure like his father’s life on a wedding day

The Hyderabad bride was overwhelmed after seeing a life-like wax figure of her father, who died last year, on her wedding day. This statue was a surprise gift from the bride’s brother Fani Kumar, whose father Avla Subramanayam wanted to attend her wedding.

A video posted on YouTube by Mr. Kumar shows the moment when the bride Saivaishnavi and her mother Jaya Shries Bramanayam saw Sabramanyam’s wax figure. Both women were surprised at first, but later shed tears.

Weishnavi was seen hugging and kissing his father’s statue. Other relatives at the wedding venue on June 9 also hugged it and became emotional, the video further showed.

The statue has become the center of charm for the wedding. It was a perfect replica of Mr. Subra Manayam and was included in almost every feature. The whole family also clicked on the photo.