A couple hangs and dies in the Bajari district with debt

A couple hangs and dies in the Bajari district with debt

Pathsala: Angry that they couldn’t pay their debts, a couple in the Bajari district of Assam died hanging from their house.

The deceased couple were identified as Dilip Karita (56) and Kunjarata Karita (50) in the village of Katalmuri under the Patacharkuchi police station in the Bajari district of Assam.

Locals claimed that Bagmala’s pharmacy owner, Dilip Carita, had borrowed a lot of money from the people. Unable to repay the debt, the couple died hanging from the ceiling of the kitchen. Upon receiving the notification, a Bagmala police station employee rushed to the scene and began investigating the case.

Baghmara Police Outpost’s Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) said Dilip runs a pharmacy and, unlike other days, didn’t return to work after lunch. When neighbors worried and started knocking on the door, they found a husband and wife hanging in their house. The couple leaves their married daughter behind. Police sent the corpse for autopsy. Further investigation is underway.

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