21-Year-Old Killed, Body Thrown In Drain In UP

A corpse that was killed at the age of 21 and thrown into a drain at UP’s Meerut. 3 arrested

According to police, a 21-year-old law student was killed, his body packed in a jute bag and thrown into a drain in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He added that three people were arrested in this case.

A student who has been missing since June 27th has been identified as Yash Rastogi. The accused are Shavej, Imran and Salman.

“More than 250 CCTV cameras were scanned and it turned out that he went on his own. He was seen riding a scooty. After a while he wasn’t seen on CCTV. It turned out that three local men had been killed. He packed his body in a jute bag and threw it into a drain. The accused was arrested. “

“The dead student has been registered on several gay sites and has been reported to be associated with various men. He was also associated with the accused. He obtained evidence by email. The accused , Says the student clicked on their picture. Sexual encounters and that he was threatening them for money.

“The man has paid rupees 40,000 to law students in the past month. He was threatening them again when they were quarreled and killed,” police officers added.