A closed educational institution in the Narvali district

A closed educational institution in the Narvali district

Narbari: The Narbari district administration has declared that it will close all public and private educational institutions on June 17th and 18th, taking into account the heavy rainfall forecast received from the India Meteorological Department.

The Chief Executive Officer of the District Disaster Prevention Department of the Narvali District Administration will continue heavy rains in the Narvali district for the next two days (June 17 and June 18) on Thursday, taking into account the forecasts received by the Indian Meteorological Bureau. I issued a command. ..

However, as before, this directive does not apply to institutions that are already preparing to carry out the review process on these days. The district administration has urged all government and private educational authorities in the district to comply with the directive and work together to ensure the safety of students in the district in bad weather.

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