A child hiding drugs with Rakinpuru

A child hiding drugs with Rakinpuru

LAKHIMPUR: Given the rigorous actions initiated by Assam police, drug merchants have been forced to change their drug merchant strategies. Recently, they have begun a shocking move to continue smuggling drugs with minor children and avoid arrests. Such an incident came to light on Saturday at Rakinpuru. However, Lakinpuru police managed to burst the racket of the drug merchant.

DSP Runa Neog spoke with North Lakhimpur media officials on Sunday, and a team of police officers led by Utpal Borah, the OC of the Bihpuria police station, identified two drug merchants as Rama Nath Gam and his wife Mina Bori. He said he had started an operation against. According to the confidential information received. Rakinpuru police successfully arrested one Danielboli for drugs a few days ago. Minabori is reportedly the sister of Daniel Boli.

As soon as a team of police officers arrived at their home in Parvatipur, Banderdawa, adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh, the couple managed to escape. However, police found at home that the couple’s underage son was in a nervous state. Police recovered 5.4 grams of heroin in 40 containers from the detention of a minor child. Later, police managed to rob the couple from their hideout.

In addition, on the same day, Rakinpur police arrested another female drug dealer identified as Riju Pegu from the Harmoti area of ​​the district. Meanwhile, the FIR was submitted to drug merchants. Police submitted them to court on Sunday, they were sent to jail, and the children were sent for counseling under the Juvenile Justice Commission.

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