42 Dead As Floods Hit 32 Assam Districts, Meghalaya Loses Highways Link

73 Assam flood dead, state prime minister reviews situation

As the flood situation in Assam continues to be severe on Monday, affecting the population of 43 Rakı in 33 of the 35 districts, Prime Minister Himantabiswasalma said food and other relief supplies in heavily flooded areas. Instructed to drop in the air. Salma gave instructions during the day after a review meeting with cabinet colleagues and senior district officials.

The number of ongoing flood and landslide deaths in the state increased to 73 on Monday. The dead included two police officers, including a police officer in the Nagaon district, who went to help those in need, but were swept away. Officials said their bodies were caught early on Monday.

Having held a virtual meeting with the minister, state officials, and deputy chief cabinet secretary, Mr. Salma instructed that rescue and rescue operations should be a top priority and that there should be no delay in quoting the procedural rules.

“Airdrops of relief supplies must take place in areas where there was a flood and the troops, NDRF or SDRF boats could not reach,” he said.

For the next few days, the Prime Minister said district officials should not be interested in procedural rules and should focus on providing relief to those affected. “If certain areas are not covered by the relief manual, we make sure they are covered by the state-owned priority development scheme and the CM relief fund.”

He instructed the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary to set up a static team in the health department to ensure doctors’ daily visits to relief camps set up for the affected floods. Ambulances need to be on standby to move critically ill patients to a nearby hospital.