7 Workers, Missing From Near Arunachal

7 Workers, Missing From Near Arunachal's China Border For 3 Weeks, Rescued

Indian Air Force helicopters participated in the rescue mission. They located seven Assam workers who were missing earlier this month in Assam’s Kurung Kumey area near the Line of Actual Control with China.

The reports say that the 7 labourers had been rescued in Daman, near Huri. They were at work on a Daman road construction site for the Border Roads Organisation, (BRO).

After being denied permission by the contractor to return home in Assam for Eid al-Adha, the rescued workers claimed they split themselves into three groups and moved in various directions. Workers were found weak and unable to speak.

Kurung Kumey, Superintendent of Police in Kurung Kumey District, told ANI that they were kept at a place where they could provide medical aid and other necessities. District administration was also deployed to send needed help, and sent out medical teams.

According to ANI, one laborer died. The body was recovered in Furak river at Daman circle Monday.