58 High-ranking officials awarded at Nagaon Bengari Girls' High School

58 High-ranking officials awarded at Nagaon Bengari Girls’ High School

NAGAON: The annual event of “Anupurbik Chitra Bhaskarya Vidyalaya”, a major educational institution of art and sculpture in a small town, was held here last Sunday at Nagaon Bengali Girls’ High School. The program is chaired by Dhananjaya Talukdar, the chairman of the institution’s governing board, and Dr. Hareswar Saikia, the secretary-general of an international human rights group, celebrates this opportunity as chief guest, and the institution’s principal, Rajib Das, fixes the entire program. Did. ..

During the program, the educational institution invited more than 58 senior officials from various disciplines of the town, including artists, journalists and scholars. In addition, the institution also distributed trophies, certificates, and other prizes for various contests held by the institution among 143 successful participants.

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