52 kilograms of cocaine is worth more than 500 rupees under "Operation Namkeen"

52 kilograms of cocaine is worth more than 500 crore rupees under “Operation Namkeen”

According to the Federal Ministry of Finance, the Revenue Information Agency (DRI) has seized 52 kg of cocaine, estimated to be worth more than 500 crore rupees in the international illegal market, from consignment goods received from Iran.

Based on extensive data analysis and field monitoring, DRI has developed information that certain cargo imported from Iran is likely to contain narcotics. To thwart drugs, DRI launches “Operation Namkeen” to identify consignments declared to contain 1,000 bags of 25 tonnes of salt imported from Iran to the port of Mundra and conduct a detailed investigation. rice field. The ministry said in a statement.

“Based on the above information, the above consignment products were inspected for three consecutive days from May 24th to May 26th, 2022. During the inspection, these powdered substances with a unique odor were found. Some bags turned out to be suspicious because they were found in the bag. ”

Samples were extracted from those suspicious bags and tests were conducted by officials of the Gujarat State Government’s Forensic Department. Testing has confirmed that these samples contain cocaine. So far, 52 kg of cocaine have been recovered by DRI. Examination and seizure procedures under the provisions of the 1985 NDPS Act are underway. According to the ministry, the roles of various people involved in the import consignment are also being investigated by DRI.

During the 2021–22 fiscal year, DRI seized 321 kg of cocaine during operations nationwide. It is worth more than Rs 3,200 in the international illegal market.