Assam Man Kills Father After Dispute Over Cigarette: Police

5120 Killed by Assam police since May 21 "Fake encounter"

Since May 2021, a total of 51 people have been killed and 139 injured by Assam police in various situations. The state government has informed the Gauhati High Court in response to a lawsuit seeking investigation and compensation for such “encounters.” It may be a fake.

An affidavit of the Interior Ministry was filed on Tuesday following the court’s instructions on a public interest proceeding (PIL) by Delhi-based lawyer activist Arif Juwader.

According to the affidavit, some of these people were killed during detention, such as “trying to escape after robbing a policeman’s firearm,” while others were shot in the legs. The numbers also include those accused of having died “after being attacked by a police vehicle” while trying to confirm their statement at the crime scene. Advocate General Devajit Saikia has appeared in the government.

Under court supervision, Jwadder sought court intervention to register a “fake encounter” case and an investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation, or a special team or police in another state. He demanded financial compensation from the victim’s family once a fake encounter was identified.

“Above all, this petition raises the issue of the rule of law and violations of equality … police officials do not have permission to kill; the overall idea of ​​the CrPC (Criminal Procedure Code) is to criminals. To arrest and bring them in, for justice, not to kill them, “said the activist in his PIL, which will then be heard on July 29th.

Jwadder has previously filed a similar complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRC). He said the Commission requested a Report of Action (ATR) taken by state police. “The victims were unarmed and handcuffed at the time of the encounter. Those who were killed or injured were not terrifying criminals,” he claimed.