50 Houses Washed Away Due To Flash Floods In Pakistan: Report

Report on 50 houses that were destroyed in flash floods caused by Pakistani flooding:

Reports claim that at least 50 homes and mini-power plants were destroyed by flash floods in Pakistan’s Upper Kohistan on Sunday.

Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) officials said that the flash floods were triggered by heavy rains which caused massive destruction in the Kandia tehsil of Upper Kohistan, reported Dawn.

According to the Provincial Disaster Management Authority, the flooding occurred in conjunction with torrential rains in Chitral, Peshawar and elsewhere. One person was killed and two others were hurt in these storms.

Dawn was informed by Muhammad Riaz, Tehsildar (revenue officers), about the destruction of 50 houses in Upper Kohistan. Riaz also stated that five teams were formed and sent to help with assessment and relief.

Local activists had higher estimates than others, and another person spoke out about the difficulties of not being connected to the electricity grid or drinking water.