459 villages flooded in Dalan district

459 villages flooded in Dalan district

MANGALDAI: On Tuesday, heavy rains and floods caused by the rupture of the Saktra and Nonoi river embankments in the Darang district continued to cause havoc in various parts of the district. As of Monday, 459 villages in the district’s income circles of Dargaon, Mangardai, Pasari Gat and Sipajar were affected by the floods, affecting a total of 469,241 villagers. 9347.50 hectares of farmland and 341,023 livestock were affected by the flood.

Defense Minister Chandra Mohan Patwari visited various areas affected by the floods of Sipajar members on Monday to understand the situation. The Minister also held a review meeting on flood conditions in the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary’s Office, instructing flood victims to promptly distribute relief supplies.

Parliamentarian Dilip Shaikia of Mangardai, Rep. Basanta Das of Mangardai, Dr. Paramananda Rajbonsi of Sipajar, Mujibur Rahman of Dalgaon, and officials from various departments also attended the meeting.

Many roads in the district are closed due to flooding and vehicle traffic. As a result of the submergence of the NH-15 section from Pai Paradkan to Saktra Bridge, traffic stopped for five consecutive days.

NDRF and SDRF continue their relief efforts. 16 relief camps and 83 relief supplies distribution centers will be set up in the district, and until Monday, 2243 kintal rice, 406.27 kintal lentils, 125.30 kintal salt and 11949.00 liters of mustard oil will be distributed to the district’s flood victims. it was done. Baby food is also distributed. Tarpaulins, candles and biscuits were provided. In addition, 1413 kintal feed was distributed.

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