4 Hour Internet Shutdown In Assam. Reason: To Prevent Cheating In An Exam

Assam: 4 hour Internet shutdown Reason: To prevent cheating in an exam

Candidates are scheduled to take part in a large recruitment exam in Assam for 27,000 posts within various departments. To prevent cheating, the state government has temporarily suspended internet access at examination centers during exam hours.

This exam forms part of the biggest recruitment drive in the state, where approximately 145,000 students will take part.

The government stated that internet services will not be accessible in every district where the exam takes place.

Section 144 will be applied to all centres where strict security arrangements were made, according to the government.

The rules prohibit candidates and the invigilators from bringing mobile phones or any electronic device into the exam centres. Each examination center has a centre-in charge who is directed to videograph the centre.