4 Killed In Assam Landslide After Heavy Rain, People Asked To Stay Home

4 Died in Assam landslide after heavy rain, people asked to stay home

Four people were killed in a landslide on Tuesday in Nizarpur near Boragaon, Guwahati, the capital of Assam.

The victims were all workers and were buried alive under the debris caused by the landslide. After the incident, an emergency team rushed to the scene and recovered the body.

According to police, the victim lived in a rental home in the area and was engaged in construction work.

“From a local nearby, four workers may have lived in the house and didn’t notice the incident while sleeping at night. The walls of the house broke and the soil of the hills turned into the house. Upon entering, the workers were trapped in the debris. So far, it was found that four people were trapped in the debris and search and rescue operations were underway. Three of the four were from Dubli. One came from Kokrajar. They rented a house and were engaged in the construction of the building. “

Assam has been raining heavily since Monday night. Inundation has been reported in some areas of Guwahati, and some of Guwahati stations have also been inundated. Due to the rain, the flight at Guwahati International Airport has also been delayed.