4 Congress MPs Suspended From Lok Sabha For Entire Session After Protests

Four Congress MPs are Suspended from Lok Sabha for the Whole Session after Protests

Four Congress MPs were suspended by the Lok Sabha from August 12 to the whole monsoon session for protesting against the rise in the cost of living. Om Birla, Speaker of the House had previously warned them not to disrupt the proceedings and to keep the signs outside.

Manickam Tagore and Jothimani are the suspended Congress MPs.

The Speaker had already taken action and the group of four protestors marched to Mahatma Gandhi’s statue at the parliament grounds. Congress claimed that the government was trying to intimidate its members by suspending certain of their MPs. According to the Congress, “Our MPs wanted to raise issues that matter to people.”

Placards had been raised by the MPs about rising gas cylinder prices, GST on buttermilk and flour. We made an adjournment motion to demand a discussion, but it was not held,” Gaurav Gogoi (Deputy Leader in Lok Sabha) said.

Lok Sabha Speaker was visibly upset and had advised opposition MPs that while he is open for discussion at 3 pm, he won’t accept any peaceful protests within the house.