3rd 'Crop Insurance Week' launched in Sonitpur district

Sonitpur District launches the 3rd “Crop Insurance Week”

TEZPUR – Friday marked the beginning of TEZPUR’s third Crop Insurance Week. The week was organized under the banner ‘Azadika Amrit Makhotsav, which marks the 75th year of independence. Sonitpur District Agriculture Department opened ‘Pradhan Mangatri Crop insurance’ for farmers living in the 82 Gaon Panchayats of the district, as well 15 Agricultural Development Zones.

Sonitpur District Agriculture Department, Agriculture Insurance Company of India Limited organized IEC vans for farmers to visit villages and inform them about Pradhan Mantri Crop Insurance. Naren Chandra, Sub-Divisional Agri Officer of Sonitpur District flagged off the IEC. He went into villages to promote “Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance”. In order to increase awareness among farmers about the Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance, the country’s Agriculture department organized an awareness event in each Gaon Panchayat. In each Gaon Panchayat, the country’s Agriculture department organized an awareness session for farmers.

The NE region is home to 6 agroclimatic zones that allow you to cultivate a variety of crops. Narendra Singh Tomar

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