300 from Assam's Tingkhong village join Aginipath scheme

Join Aginipath Scheme with 300 Assamites from Tingkhong Village

Bimal Borah (Minister of Industries and Commerce) launched a month-long program to train on the ‘Agnipath’ scheme in Diroi Bagan, Tingkhong district. It was held on July 5th. This program will end on August 8, 2022.

Bimal Borah, speaking to journalists in Tingkhong Wednesday said that it was a wonderful scheme and essential for any youth who wishes to join Armed Forces. This training is designed to raise awareness about physical fitness. Participants included youth from the tea garden area.

People have misconceptions about this scheme. Youths now participate in the program. The Central Government launched a recruitment process called “Agnipath”, whereby selected applicants will become Agniveers.” Minister.

DGP Bhaskar Jioti Mahata was present as well and said that it was a fantastic scheme. There are many benefits. It creates a competitive spirit and will raise awareness of the possibility for youths to join Armed force.

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