Assam Chief Minister, Cabinet To Watch

30 executives complain to Assam’s Prime Minister about the threat of BJPMLA

At least 30 officers of the Cachar district administration have signed a memorandum of understanding and submitted it to Assam’s Prime Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, who has complained about BJPMLA’s actions. They accused the ruling MLA of misbehaving, insulting, intimidating, and abusing officers on duty.

The Memorandum of Understanding said the MLA questioned the integrity of Assam Citizen Services (ACS) executives as a whole.

“We, the Kacha district civil servants, are confident in your competent leadership and have a very shameful case of serious misconduct by MLA Rakipur against civil servants engaged in relief missions at the Sonar Revenue Circle. I would like to convey to my respected notice. .Dipankar Nath, ACS, Circle Officer, Sonal Revenue Circle and Sri Bikash Chetri, ALRS, Circle Officer (A), Sonal Revenue Circle, Sri. Hussain Mohammad Mobin, ALRS, BDO, Sonai, Sri, Ashok Singhal, the Minister of Conservation, Kacha, who was considering the flood situation, was accompanied by the district president, BJP, Kacha, former MLA, Sonal, Panchayat representatives, and several party members and their associates. ” Stated.

“While it was visiting a designated relief camp at Govin Danagar Shiv Bali High School, MLA, Rakipur, Sonai’s BDO, Hussein Mohammad Mobin, ALRS, he was once manually in the block office by various party members. March 10, 2022, stating that he should be beaten in the same way that he was treated.

“Other Panchayat representatives further said that circle officers should be punished because they could not distribute the relief, citing derogatory parliamentary words to the entire government agency working at Sonal and referring to relevant officers. He blamed him. He worked at the request of the opposition and called the officer an agent of the opposition. “