3 killed in wild elephant attack in Goalpara district

3 people killed in an attack by wild elephants on Goalpara district

The elephants were so obvious that the villager ran to flee the animal. Unfortunately, however, the elephants were able to escape three people, who then died. After hearing the shouts of the victims, the elephant herd fled. After hearing the screams of the people, the elephant herd fled. However, doctors declared that the victims were dead.

His Kumar Roy, Sachit Viskaarma and Sharat Lama were the names of those who died. According to police, the victim was killed in an attack similar to one that occurred six months back in the village. Villagers claimed that wild elephants have been entering the village because of the limited food supply in the jungle. The villagers urged the government to recognize the elephant buffer zones around the villages and to take the necessary measures to end the conflict between man-animal. It is 35km from Goalpara. (IANS)

Assam Forest Department issue directive. Elephant owners must produce them for verification

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