19th Convocational Convocation: Assam University Confers PhD Degree to Das

19th Convocational Convocation: Assam University Confers PhD Degree to Das

Sirchar: Dr. Kumar Cantides, a prominent doctor and philanthropist in Barak Valley, commonly known as “Lakshmandas,” was awarded to the prestigious D.Sc. He holds his degree from Assam University. At Chuo University’s three-day 19th Convocational Conference, which began on Thursday, other celebrities of Diaz were seen as Honor D. Litt was awarded to Swami Atmapuriyananda by Deputy Prime Minister Rajiv Mohan Pants. .. Swami Atmapriyananda Maharaj of Belur Ramkrishna Math was the first Deputy Prime Minister of Ramakrishna Mission Swami Vivekananda University. Dr. Rajendra Singh of Alwar, Rajasthan, Magsaysay Award and Stockholm Water Award winners celebrated the convocation as chief guest on the first day. Shin is commonly known as “Indian Waterman”.

At the expense of his illustrious career in the United States, Dr. Kumar Kanti Das devoted his life to serving the poor in southern Assam, who lacked access to medical facilities. A philanthropist in his eighties set up a philanthropic hospital in Srikona near Sirchar. Polite Dr. Das, after earning his PhD, shouted whether he really deserved honor, as many of his works have not yet been achieved. He honored the unsung warriors of his hospital who worked too hard with missionaries to serve the poor.

Swami Atmapuriyananda said the Ram Krishna mission maintained its vigorous activity for the past 125 years on national missions, and the honor was recognition of their work. He added that this was not a personal perception.

Vice-President Pants, who recently enrolled at Assam University, said the university has great potential and that its proper use will undoubtedly make it an outstanding center.

At the priesthood meeting on Friday, Anil Prakarsh Joshi was greeted as the guest of honor. Joshi, a Padma Shri award winner from Uttarakhand, was a prominent environmentalist. He founded the Himalayan Environmental Research and Conservation Society.

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