1000 Kg Ganja Seized From 2 Trucks Along Assam-Tripura Border, 1 Arrested

1000 kg of cannabis was confiscated from two trucks along the Assam-Tripra border and one was arrested

Police seized 1003 kg of cannabis on Friday from two or more damper trucks in the Karimganj district of Assam on the border between Assam and Tripura.

According to police, both dump trucks came from Tripla.

“The police team has stopped two dump trucks in the Churai Bali area along the Assam-Tripra border, coming from Tripla,” said Niranjan Das, an I / C at the Churai Bali Police Post.

“During the check, a secret room was found in one dump truck. The driver fled the area while traveling to check the second damper truck. We recovered 763 packets of cannabis from our truck. We recovered a total of 1003 kg of cannabis from both vehicles. “

Police also arrested one truck driver identified as Liton Sarkar.