1 more Japanese Encephalitis death in Assam, toll rises to 38

Assam: 1 More Japanese Encephalitis Deaths

Guwahati: The number of fatalities has increased to one with each new death Japanese Encephalitis cases in Assam rose to 38 last month.

In addition to the existing 15 cases, 251 new cases were reported by the state. In a press release, the National Health Mission of Assam stated that the new death from the virus was in Biswanath, which occurred within the past 24 hours. 

NHM reported that at least 38 people died since July 1, while 238 were hospitalized after contracting the disease vector-borne in one of the districts.

District Rapid Response Teams were established under direction from the NHM authorities to maintain a watchful eye on the situation, and to implement preventative steps.

In Assam, Japanese Encephalitis (malaria) and Japanese Encephalitis are two of the most common diseases. They both affect many Assamans every year.

Avinash Joshi, Principal Secretary for Health and M.S. Director of NHM are the NHM Directors. Lakshmi Priya is in constant contact with the District Authorities and requested them to be proactive about resolving the matter.

NHM issued guidelines and a standard operating procedure to address the Japanese Encephalitis outbreak.

Massive awareness has been created by health professionals about Japanese Encephalitis.

According to officials, there were at least 40 cases of Japanese Encephalitis-related deaths last year.

Japanese Encephalitis can be transmitted by mosquitoes, mainly in the monsoon.